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"A2K has impacted my life in that I have acquired some long lasting significant friendships. I joined the club because as a single person having newly moved to the area, I had difficulty finding friends with common interests. This was the third organization I tried out and it was a good fit. In addition to new friends, I also have found a wonderful match with whom I have hopes for rich future. We both are very appreciative of the opportunity A2K gave us to gradually get to know each other in a comfortable way by participating in events before we "went out" on our own."

Debbie V.

"I joined Adventures 2000 because all my friends were married. My own life had been rather stagnant at the time. I wanted to meet new people and experience new things. I wanted to get out and live a little. Since joining A2K, I have met tons of new people, and made some really great friends, I have also been able to travel to some exciting places, try new restaurants and do things that I might have never attempted to do before. I can honestly say, joining Adventures 2000 has changed my life."

Amber H.

"Without A2K, I'd stay home every night watching TV. Now, I play volleyball, go to movies, and enjoy house parties. Thank you A2K for saving my SOCIAL LIFE!"

Rachel K.

"I have been a member of A2K for nearly three years, and have met some wonderful, honest, high-quality people within the club. The membership gives you a variety of options to choose from, and has helped me stay active (volleyball, softball, etc) and become more socialable in group settings. I have also gone to four different weddings involving A2K members over the last two years!"

David R.

I moved from Arizona last December and was in your club while I was there. II want you to know personally, Adventures 2000 is the best Singles Group I've ever been a part of! Thank You. I wished there was something like Adventures 2000 here in El Paso TX. I am telling you this because I want you to know that I sincerely appreciated being active in your group! Also, I have been blessed with meeting some life long friends.

Iona B.

I became a member of Adventures 2000 in Jan 2005. Since this time, I've got to know some of the nicest people in Phoenix. Most of them I am now glad to say are my friends. We've had a lot of fun getting to know each other at all different activities that we attended. I use to be too shy to introduce myself to other new people, but now I can talk to practically anyone, without feeling uncomfortable. A2K has been great for my social life, I now look back to the first day that I joined as being one of my better decisions I've made in life.

Brad B.

"I couldn't wait to tell you what a GREAT event the party was last night. Everything was perfect. The location and price were excellent. I don't think it would have better anywhere else. Everyone I spoke with was very impressed."

Linda P.


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